Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notice: The bullying is over

It feels incredibly liberating that Bob's threats no longer hold any power at all over me. He did this for so long but no more. This blog is my story and no one gets to silence me. If it's difficult for "some" to read, well let me assure you-- it was a gajillion times more difficult to live. Every.Single.Word. in my blog is truth. And there is power and safety in truth. Bob ought to try it sometime.

For far too long I lived in a world where I made excuses for Bob's behavior or I hid it. I presented a vision to outsiders that we were a happy couple and had a happy family. I helped perpetuate to others the falsehood that Bob was normal and kind and a good man. Victims such as myself are embarrassed and humiliated and we live in a world of lies and covering up for the offender. No more. I won't live that way ever again. I won't ever cover for Bob and I won't be silenced from sharing my story with others.

I have heard from some of my readers that my story helps them not feel alone. It gives them hope that they, too, can somehow escape. Well that makes every single second I've spent writing my story and sharing it with others worth it a million times over. If I help just one single person out there, it's worth it. Plus, writing my story is helping me. It's helping me see and remember what I've been through. It helps me understand my own victim's mentality. And I know the more I understand it, the less likely I am to repeat it.

No, I will not be silenced. I will not be threatened. I will not be bullied. And I will not lie. From here on out, I will live in truth as long as I live. No apologies, no exceptions.

If you don't like it, then too bad.