Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here's an email I sent myself. Very sad (and honest)

From: Lizzy Smilez
To: Lizzy Smilez
Subject: remember this, my friend

Note to self:
Your son of a bitch soon to be ex husband yelled at me for not doing enough. Mind you, I usually get criticized for not relaxing, but that's another story (though shows the inconsistency of my soon to be ex husband's arguments). So he doesn't want to make dinner because... because... because... he dropped off the kids and picked Siena up at school. Hmmm... No problem, husband of the year. Instead, sit down on the couch, watch TV, and go out for a sandwich. I made dinner for the kids, finished the laundry, put all the laundry away (and the kids laundry basket was overflowing), helped Morgan with homework, work with Siena on puzzles, made lunches, played a game with Siena, put her to bed, and put Morgan to bed. Oh, yeah, and I put the dogs 'to bed'-- all the while soon to be ex husband went to bed before 8:00 PM. I mean, how much does a sober person need to sleep? Ah, but he's not always so sober, is he? But he thinks I'm dumb and gullible and he thinks that I don't know he doesn't sneak a drink here and there. But he's wrong. I am not a gullible idiot.
My soon to be ex husband forgets that he goes out of town for days most every week while I do EVERYTHING but he deserves a fucking MEDAL when he drops the kids off at school. Wow. Amazing. And he tries to give ME parenting advice? Yeah, I've seen the fruits of his parenting and... NO THANKS. It is outrageous and insulting that this pathetic soon to be ex husband thinks that he deserves a Father of the Year award because he'll go to school and talk about thumb sucking and thinks that is PARENTING but actually buying groceries and Christmas gifts isn't. He has NO IDEA and I don't quite frankly care except that I have to try and live with this man until we sell the house. Hello soon to be ex husband: I've done my research and I've carefully plotted my escape. I know exactly where I'm going, I already have my budget done, and I've already thoroughly vetted out my rights (or, rather, his lack of rights).
My soon to be ex husband (who I will from here forthwith refer to as ST BEX- ha ha) loves to hail what a great dad he is. Seeing he fruits of his labor shows he is crazy. He says how PRODUCTIVE and well adjusted he and his siblings are. hahaha That is so unbelievably funny. If that is success to him, then we cannot and will never think alike enough to try and live together.
And what's even funnier is that he thinks he pays more attention to the kids than I do. hahahahahahahahahaha He is delusional. ST BEX has taken the kids to very few doctors appointments. Most of the dr appts take place at night after work. I went to more Morgan soccer games, skating practices, teacher conferences than he has. And Siena? Well, she hasn't had any teacher conferences yet-- but those conversations he's had with the school? So have I. It's whoever picks her up at school who has the conversations with the teachers. And I want to take Siena to skating lessons and tried to sign her up for soccer practice. ST BEX thinks she's too young and really just wants to go out of town every weekend, making it impossible.
I don't need him. I don't need this marriage. I think I am better off without him. For sure, I will be happier without him. He is not a net positive in my life. My life is far more complicated with him in it. And I am far better off without him than I am with him.
Tick tock. He is evil. He is hateful. He tries to put me down all the time. Well look in the mirror, fat alcoholic with Santa Claus belly and tiny miniscule penis and high pitched screaming screeching woman's tone. BOB: YOU SUCK AND IF YOUR PENIS WERE SMALLER YOU'D BE A EUNUCH.
Love me