Monday, February 1, 2016

A guy shares why he started dating again immediately post split

My latest via Divorced Moms. Men who just split from their wives and are already dating again? I've written about this before. but I'm totally against it and you can read why by clicking here. But in this article, we get a guy's perspective. Very interesting, I think. Enjoy!

Important Lessons From A Guy Who Dated Immediately Post Split
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February 02, 2016
635654363551459870Fotolia_78223063_XS.jpgI’ve been vocal about how wrong I think it is to date a guy who just split from his wife. If you do, you’re getting a guy who has not yet dealt with the end of his marriage, you could be making matters worse for him during his divorce, and you’re inserting yourself into the relationship between he and his ex (never a good idea). But I recently met a guy named “Ken” who, since the end of his marriage, dates a lot of women. And he got on dating web sites the very night of his separation and had his first date the following day. He didn’t miss a beat and defends this decision, saying it was perfectly fine. So I asked many questions because he offers up important insight for the ladies in the dating game. Here goes…
Ken's Story
I was miserable in my marriage and by the time my wife and I separated, I was more than ready to date. For years during my marriage I was lonely and now that I was single, I was excited. I was ready to find companionship and get some physical affection. I was starving to death and I was ready for the buffet that the dating sites provided. I deserved to have fun and there was no reason to wait. My life was just getting started! 
I made out with the first woman I went out with. We met at a restaurant and I thought she was beautiful. Honestly, she was average but after I was thrown crumbs from my wife for years and hardly got any sex, any woman would have been hot and turned me on. We went to a movie and afterwards, I drove her back to her car and we made out like crazy. I was like a high school boy, I could not keep my hands off of her. I went home and got back on my dating site to see who had winked at me or emailed me. There were four more women, score! And I thought men had a harder time finding women on dating sites. Thankfully those rumors weren’t true. I emailed them all back and within a few days, I had four dates lined up, one per night. Then I texted my date from hours earlier to tell her I had a great time and couldn’t wait to see her again. She texted me right back and asked if I was busy the next night. I already had another date lined up but I told her that I had plans with my kids. I suggested that we could maybe meet up later. I was off to a great start.
The next night repeated almost just like my date from the night before. After we made out in front of her car, I promised her I'd call later. Then I got in my car, drove a few blocks away and called Lady #1 and asked if she wanted company. She didn't hesitate. She gave me her address and I was at her front door within 30 minutes. She opened a bottle of wine and we pretended to watch TV, cuddling up on the couch. In no time, we were having sex. I couldn’t believe my luck.