Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My tips for combating cabin fever

I have major cabin fever. It wouldn't be so awful if I didn't start the season off by spending some 25 days in a hospital, for a big chunk of that time not able to leave my room at all. And though I'm no longer sick, these days, it's just cold, Every Single Day. For those of you that feel the same way, here are ideas for not losing your mind this winter.

21 Ways to Kick Winter Cabin Fever in the Arse
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February 03, 2016
635564964265067469Fotolia_68330514_XS.jpgThis is the time of year when cabin fever can set in Big Time. With much of the country experiencing heaving snowstorms, rain and cold temps, staying safe and warm often means staying indoors. The lack of fresh air, natural vitamin D, and sunlight can wreak havoc on one emotionally. So what's a girl to do? Here are 20 ideas to help perk you up, keep you healthy, and encourage you to get moving:
  1. Take a class: Cooking classes rock, cake decorating classes can be found at many hobby shops (like Michael's), or start taking piano or French lessons. Go to your local college and see if you can audit a class that sounds interesting (like a current evens class). Learning something new is a great distraction and keeping mentally occupied is good.
  2. Bake/cook. Try a new recipe with ingredients you've never heard of, let alone tasted. Awakening your taste buds is manna for the soul. Comfort food, like mac & cheese, soups, breads and cookies are great options. If you have children around, involve them. Some of the greatest times my girls and I have together involve the kitchen, eating cookie dough or tasting our soups along the way.
  3. Take an afternoon nap. When the weather is really cold and dismal, sleeping under warm cozy blankets is luxurious. (Just make sure you're not sleeping too much or too often, as this can be a sign of depression setting in.)