Friday, May 16, 2014

My Divorced Moms column is out! Can you tell I have vacation on the brain? Now if only this awful cold would GO AWAY.

7 Fabulous Vacation Ideas for Chasing Divorce Blues Away
by Lizzy Smith                    
May 15, 2014
Fotolia_62730200_XS.jpgWhat better way to chase divorced-related blues away than with a trip? Getting away and doing something different is oftentimes just what the doctor ordered. Breaking routines, seeing something new, creating memories… it all helps you distress and rejuvenate. Whether it’s solo, with kids, or with a friend or companion, you can find a get-away to fit almost any budget.
Here are some ideas to get you started in planning:

Road Trip
Personally, I used to hate driving more than two hours. When I was married, I simply didn’t have the time or interest to get in a car. But after I split from my husband, I found driving cathartic and peaceful. My daughters would take their DVD players, a stack of movies, pillow and a blanket, and I’d have loads of “me” time. I’d call friends I hadn’t talked to in, like, forever. I’d look at the scenery, and if I noticed a sign that indicated something interesting off the freeway, I’d often stop and we’d check it out. As a result, we’ve discovered some really fascinating places that we would never have seen from an airplane. America is a beautiful country with all kinds of hidden wonders—you just have to be willing to search them out. What’s great about a road trip is that they can be as short or long as you want them to be and you can do it on a very tight budget. Just a few months ago, we were driving from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and on a whim, I stopped at Kolob Canyon. I’d driven that stretch of road a thousand times but this was the first time we had ever pulled over. Wow, it was amazing!

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