Thursday, May 22, 2014

Divorced Moms column: Internet Dating Stories From the Trenches

My latest Divorced Moms column is out! I love it when friends allow me to share their stories. This is one of my favorites. Lia keeps me endlessly entertained. Plus she's so funny and witty.

Internet Dating Stories From the Trenches
By Lizzy Smith                    
May 22, 2014

My friend, Lia, recently re-entered the dating world. Her stories are so entertaining that I asked if I could share a few. She said yes and here goes. Thanks, Lia!

After I broke up with my boyfriend, I purchased a membership on Match. Here are my favorite stories so far.

Pious Man (with sex on the brain):
I live in Utah and many of the guys here are Mormon. In the Mormon church, each congregation has a separate "leadership panel", which they call the Bishopric. It consists of one Bishop and two Counselors. These men are supposed to be spiritual and live a very strict moral life. With that little preamble, here's the story of PM.

PM is one of the Bishopric Counselors in his ward. We met for lunch. He was nice enough but a bit cuddly for a first date. Like he caressed my knee and even put his chin on my shoulder. And then he said this: ...So, if we had never met and I paid for a night in a really nice hotel and told you to pick up the key at the front desk, go into the room, and change into a beautiful bra-panty set that I had purchased for you, and then turn off the lights and wait for me, would you have done it?


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