Sunday, August 25, 2013

Xrays, boots and thunder storms

There are good and fun moments in life that just need to be captured. So here's my latest.

For months and months, I've had persistent lower right rib cage pain and a coming and going of pain on my spine. Finally, I insisted on an X-ray. One of myeloma's symptoms is bone pain. Although my blood work, urine and biopsies are all great news, there's just that one question nagging in the back of my mind every time I feel that pain. So on Friday, we did an X-ray. And the results are... evidence of healing fractures and nothing new. Whooohoo! Every time I get good news, I celebrate. So I am!

Poster child (that's me!). Um, thanks... I think
Friday was a very long day. First, William woke me up at 4:00 AM to take him to the airport. He is in New York for a week for a guys' weekend watching the US Open. Waking up that early should be illegal. I then drove home, got the girls ready and off to school, picked up my mom, went to my long infusion appointment, then met my friend Beth for lunch.

During my infusion appointment, I got a great compliment: one of the nurses said that I came up in conversation during a staff meeting. Apparently, I'm the poster child for myeloma treatment. I never looked sick, I had a great attitude, and I powered through my treatment. Thanks! At least I think.

I broke a promise to myself. Oh well
Several days ago, I realized I had too much stuff and was spending too much money. I made a pledge to myself that other than basic groceries, I was done. And then I went out and purchased:
  • For Siena: 4 pairs of shoes, a stack of socks, a dress, 3 tops, and an American Girl doll with 4 outfits (the latter is for her upcoming eighth birthday)
  • For Morgan: 2 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of running shorts, 5 running T-shirts, a jacket, and 2 skirts
  • For me: 2 jackets, a pair of jeans, 4 tops, a pair of Sorels, 6 bras from Victoria's Secret, and 3 books
Oops. I have forgiven myself already.

Siena wearing her new dress and one of her new pairs of shoes. She's getting so big!

A gift to me: new Sorels! Hard to think cold and winter and snow when it's still so dang hot outside but it's around the corner and I need to ensure I'll be prepared.

Thunder & lightning (saving the best for last)
On Thursday night, we had a terrific thunder and lightening storm the likes I haven't experienced since I lived in Washington, DC. It was fabulous! William and I were walking out of Walgreens and it was pouring rain. We ran to the car and I couldn't stop laughing. It felt terrific and for that short time, the world and everything in it seemed innocent and fun and perfect and joyful. We got in the car and we were both laughing and I felt perfectly giddy.

It's a nice reminder that I have surrounded myself with only great people in my life. I have successfully cut out the evilness that was in my world for five years. Exorcised it actually. It was an answer to heartfelt prayer. I have cleansed emotionally and spiritually. The physical part is still a work in progress but I'm getting there.

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