Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer is ending (sobbing)

The girls go back to school on Monday and I cannot believe the summer is over! It has whizzed by at warp speed, darnit. It seems like we've had no time to sleep in. That's my fault. I've kept us far too busy and now it's too late and here we go, back to structure and alarm clocks and homework and expectations. Still, we've managed to cram a few more notable things into our summer these past few weeks, like...

Meeting up with old friends & making new ones
I started my college career at BYU. It was not a good place for someone like me. I was (am) rebellious in nature and if someone tells me to do one thing, chances are I'll do the exact opposite. BYU was one rule after the next and, true to form, I had a great time breaking every single one of their rules-- from drinking to allowing boys in our home to wearing immodest clothes (like, gasp, tank tops and shorts that came above the knees), to using profanity. And then I, along with a few of my closest friends, got booted out of school for throwing a raging party in our house complete with an unconscious "guest" in the driveway, jungle juice in the bathtub, football players smoking pot in the upstairs bathrooms, and partiers peeing on the neighbor's lawn. One of my closest friends, Emmy, and I quickly transferred to the University of Utah and never looked back.

I had many great friends at BYU and reconnecting with them over the past few years has been great (thanks, FaceBook!). One such friend was Susan, a former roommate. I hadn't seen Susan since I was 22 years old, even though she lives just an hour from me. Emmy came to town from Denver and we went to Susan's for dinner.

This is a photo from our BYU days of Susan (far left), Emmy and me with 80's rocker big hair

Here we are-- 23 years later. Thank goodness that our hairstyles have changed

Our reunion was super fun and catching up, without having to talk about my health, was so nice. Susan has had a very interesting life since we lost touch. She was an opera major in college and after graduation, auditioned for the Met and was encouraged to try out for the role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera. She did and she made it! She was Christine for several years on Broadway. She had three children and they all moved back to Utah four years ago. How amazing is that?

We spent a lot of time talking about our Mormonism-- one of us is faithful, one not at all, and one a hybrid. I'll leave who believes what private and my faith in Mormonism is a blog post of another day.

While Emmy was here, we also spent time with an old friend of hers, Leslie. I knew Leslie a little back in college, but not really so much. She is one of the coolest people I have met in a long time. She owns two very successful cupcake shops in Salt Lake City (my dream job!), won Cupcake Wars when she was on it, and dresses in vintage early 1960's dresses (my favorite fashions). We had a great time sampling her cupcakes, eating dinner at her house one night, and going out to one of the best Asian restaurants I've ever tried another night. Yeah for me- I met a new friend!

Getting our hair done and supplies/clothes for school purchased
In preparation of school starting next week, Morgan got her hair colored and clipped, Siena got a very cute cut, and I got a color, scalp massage and style. I know-- I look really pretty here.

Men work in the yard?
Not long ago, I went to William's house and had an epiphany: There are some men who are not only willing to work at keeping up their homes, but actually take joy and satisfaction out of it.

This is William's house.

It sits on an acre and a half and is beautiful. Clearly he can afford gardeners. But he doesn't. He mows the lawn, clips the hedges, maintains the pool and fountains, picks up trash, plants flowers, and cleans himself. I have known all along that most men are not like my ex husband, Bob (thank God!). Still, this was a nice reminder of it. At least I'm not repeating mistakes!

An update on Julie's dad (sad news)
I talked to Julie last night and her dad is ailing quickly. Since learning he had mesothelioma, an untreatable cancer, he has gotten sicker by the day. He could pass away at any time. He is uncomfortable and watching him struggle is beyond heartbreaking for everyone. He is at peace and is prepared for whatever God has in store for him. Life is so unfair.

My sucky week of side effects
And the past week has been sucky in terms of side effects. I've said it a thousand times but here I go again: extreme fatigue, cognitive reasoning skills in the toilet, and I'm cranky. When I'm this tired, everything gets on my nerves. One day at a time. I know this will get better.

Siena is turning eight?!?

Siena and me in the orphanage

Siena today-- almost eight years old!

I'm off to plan Siena's eighth birthday party, which is just three weeks away. I can't believe my tiny little Russian girl is getting so big so fast. She wants a Princess Party at a salon where she and five of her friends can get their hair and nails done. She also wants me to bake her a Barbie cake. Tall orders, no?