Monday, July 6, 2015

Road trip for this myeloma ends but this is JUST THE BEGINNING! Let's keep going!

We just got back from our road trip and it was a perfect 10. There is literally not ONE thing I would change about our trip. And so I wrote about this topic on Divorced Moms.

Just a quick update and I will retire this topic. After our Canadian trip, we headed back to William's daughter's house. For the next four days, we hung out with her awesome husband and their 15 month old daughter. We all fell in love with the whole family. Plus, their house is totally charming and adorable and I love it. They made us feel so comfortable and welcomed and at home.

We went everywhere in the city and beyond. Pike's twice where I spent a small fortune on sauces, marinades and spices, the big huge ferris wheel, the beach, awesome restaurants, outdoor markets and the Indian reservation where, between two families, we spent over $2,000 in fireworks-- no typo! Ryan (William's son in law) and Morgan stayed up the night prior until 1:00 AM setting up. The results were SPECTACULAR. The 4th of July was our favorite EVER. We started off by watching a parade on the Lake Sammamish while eating grilled corn on the cob, followed by a street party. We started setting of fireworks (no exaggeration here) at 2:30 in the afternoon and, without a break, ended at 12:30 AM. It was INSANE. We ate, played street football and ping pong and went pyro. The fireworks were just about as good as city fireworks, no lie. There were probably 75 people at the street party, and the food and libations were super yum. Please I want to move to Seattle now.

Liz Lizette Smith Nielsen's photo.

We are home for just a few more weeks and then we're off to Florida, South Carolina and Georgia for two weeks. Best yet, my best friends Julie and Shane are in Florida at the SAME TIME. We didn't even coordinate this but they fly into Orlando the day before we get there and we all fly home within an hour of each other! Guess who we are hanging out with? Hooray and I LOVE it when this happens (does this EVER happen)?

Myeloma SUCKS beyond belief but despite this HUGE limitation, I am so happy. Life is joyful, has so much purpose, and is FUN. Live, my dear readers, LIVE LIVE LIVE. Love. And find happiness. YES, no matter what happens in life, this is possible. And it is FAR BETTER than the alternative.

Much love,