Friday, July 31, 2015

Greetings From Orlando

I have heard (not verified it though) that Orlando is the number 1 tourist destination in the world. If this is true, I am so sad! Let's see.... Orlando or London? Orlando or Iguazu Falls, Brazil? Nonetheless, here we are, staying in a lovely hotel just steps from Disney World, where Mickey is everywhere.

Our trip to Flordia should be a fun one.

First, my best friends Julie and Shane are here, too. We hung out with them last night.

Second, my aunt and uncle from Uruguay are coming in a few days.

Third, William will be joining us in a week. I really miss my guy. I am so grateful to have a happy, healthy, peaceful and respectful relationship. I have lived the opposite, a life of sadness, chaos, high conflict, confusion and utter frustration. I am so lucky!

We have not been to Disney yet, we will do that next week. Tomorrow, we are going to Savanah, Georgia and then up to Charleston, South Carolina. Why? Because I haven't been there yet, and neither have my daughters. I love exploring everywhere and any where so why not this part of the country? (I have been to Florida several times in the past, including Orlando but I have never been to Disney World. I suppose we must, right? I mean, RIGHT?)

Travel is expensive but I cannot think of one trip I have ever regretted. It is worth every penny and then some. I could happily burn just about everything I own and just travel, live, experience, and surround myself by amazing people that I love. I'm working on that one!

I am doing well physically. I was incredibly tired and fatigued the last few days, thanks to the awful Dex crash but who can complain? I mean, I could really complain but what is the point? We flew red eye, picked up our car, came to the hotel and went directly out to the pool where the girls fell asleep and I got a poolside one hour pedi and massage. If I'm going to be tired, I'm still going to make the most out of it. It is hot and humid. And I am blessed.