Thursday, December 5, 2013

This cancer vixen is kicking ass and taking names

Here I am at my clinic appointment today just after they de-accessed my port. The V is for Victory over cancer. I'm going to kick cancer in the ass. There are few things more evil than this disease, with the one exception being alcoholism and drug abuse. No longer the victim with the ex, and I won't be a victim of cancer. I will prevail. I'll kick my enemies in the ass and take names for my Annihilation Wall.

One is Lizzy as the victim and one is Lizzy as warrior. Guess which is which?

Today I had an appointment with my oncologist directly following my velcade injection. Turns out, Dr K cancelled my appointment because there was no need. Labs and tests are perfect so maybe my new oncologist will see me next month. Otherwise, all looks good. I usually get velcade every Friday but this week, I got mine Thursday, and then I'll get another one on Monday, and then I'll have a break until January 3. While the back-to-back injections are going to leave me incredibly fatigued next week, the good news is that I'll have a few weeks where I'll feel like I did before I entered treatment. That'll be so nice. So far, knock on wood, I'm kicking cancer in the ASS. The only drag is that the maintenance therapy sometimes leaves me so tired. On Monday, I did something that I never, ever do. I dropped the kids off at school and got right back in bed. I just needed rest. I slept and watched TV until I had to take a shower and get dressed and pick the girls up. I made no excuses for it and it was much needed. I listen to my body. I have to.

And now I'm in the throws of getting my attorney all kinds of backup and documentation for my next lawsuit against my ex husband. I'm not sure this will ever end but I just sit back, take a deep breath, do what must be done, and go back to my life. Taking my sanity back has left me incredibly strong and resilient. Thank goodness for that! I will be sure to post all kinds of info on this suit, what it's about, and how it's going as soon as it's all filed and moving along. Should be interesting.

I've started house hunting! Yesterday, I found a house that is so incredibly adorable that I just melted. William was out of town but the first thing we did when he got back was go look at it. I'm trying to convince him first that this is a great investment. I trust his opinion completely. My parents are on the fence. I'm not on the fence- I want to put in an offer. I'll have the weekend to discuss more and make a better decision. It's an older home, 1500 square feet, with a beautiful back yard with gorgeous trees and it's been completely remodeled. I would rent it out. It's in a great location and so cozy and fresh and pretty. I love looking at houses and if it's not this one, something will pop up with my name written all over it.

Morgan had her first Christmas concert performance tonight. It was lovely. Siena has her first piano recital next week. William and I are heading up to Deer Valley for the weekend. It's supposed to snow! What a fun way to welcome the Christmas season.