Friday, December 27, 2013

Divorced Moms column is out! 5 Signs Your New Guy is Crazy About You

Latest Divorced Moms column is out!

I absolutely love writing for Divorced Moms almost as much as I love writing my blog. I wish I had found this site when I was still married. I think it would have given me the hope and courage needed to exit my marriage a whole lot sooner. I think it's fabulous. If you're in a bad marriage or are in some process of divorcing, check it out often.

Anyway, read my latest column here:

5 Signs Your New Guy is Crazy About You                     
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By Lizzy Smith, Contributor - December 27, 2013
When I started dating again after my marriage ended, it was exhilarating. To me, jumping back in meant hope—hope that I could find someone fabulous. Hope for something better. Hope is powerful. Hope is good and new and fresh.

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And William just wrote his first post on Divorced Moms! He is now a Guest Contributor and I love his first article.

It's always good to hear things from a guy's perspective. Here it is:

Ten Useful Etiquette Tips for Dating in 2014
By William Conley, Guest Author - December 27, 2013
Online Dating.jpgIs it one, two, three strikes your out in the internet dating game?

Are you striking out when it comes to finding that special one in this crazy mixed up world of online dating?

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