Friday, December 6, 2013

I write my first blog post for Sterling Pear. Interviewing Dr Christmas, decorators to the stars, celebrities, movie sets & more. Fun!

So fun to be blogging for Sterling Pear! Read my first post right here.

Sterling Pear chats with Dr Christmas’ Bob Pranga, decorator of celebrity homes, movie sets & TV shows

The Holiday Season is in full swing and the décor is out! While most of us decorate our own trees and homes, that’s not true everywhere.  Think about it… Every time you watch a favorite holiday movie, like Christmas Story or Elf, someone decorated that set. Same with a holiday-inspired TV shows, commercials or advertisements. Those amazing trees in the lobby of an office building or department store? Someone decorated that, too. And in Los Angeles, that “someone” is oftentimes Dr. Christmas.