Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

On November 6, 1967, a few notable things happened (actually, a few are quite tragic): A bridge at Annabaai crashes on Willemstad, Curacao, killing 15 people; the US launched Surveyor 6, making a soft landing on the moon; Dennis Brown of the San Francisco 49ers was born; in the Philippines, Typhoon Emma hit with the death toll leaving some 140,000 homeless and the death toll over 300; and, on a lighter note-- Lizzy Smilez (that's me!) was born!

And I have hair! After grueling treatments, I had enough hair to get hair extensions and I love them. Hair is good; hair is amazing; I love hair.

I used to tell everyone I was turning 38 years old no matter how many birthdays I really had under my belt. But no more! Every day, every year, is a celebration and a blessing. So, whoohoo! It's almost my birthday!

On a more somber note: Siena has been struggling with a horrible cold, which brought on breathing problems. Today I took her to urgent care and she was hovering between 88-91 percent lung capacity. So scary and borderline "let's put her in the hospital." We treated her with big time antibiotics, extra breathing treatments, essential oils, inhalers, anti cough meds... you name it. This evening, she started perking up and her oxygen levels are holding steady at 90 percent. Still not good but it looks like she can stay out of the hospital. It breaks my heart to watch her struggling for breath.  After she perked up this evening, I did a mini facial on her, which included a facial mask (she looked like the Wicked Witch of the West) and cucumbers over her eyes, a bath with essential oils and Epsom salts, good moisturizer, and a mani/pedi. And we made Jello. Cute. Please, Lord, heal my little girl.

Like mommy, like daughter. We love facials.
Siena also disappeared into the bathroom for awhile. When she came out, she had made her own beehive bun. She is the most creative child I've ever known. And funny.

And happier news on the kid-front: Morgan got her first quarter grades. They went like this: five A's, one B+', and one B. Since I pay out $20 per A, $10 per B, $0 per C, and every D she has to pay me $20, Morgan scored big time. She wanted to spend a good chunk of that money on getting her iPhone swapped for a white cover instead of a black one. Her money but since I'm still Mom, I get final say. I said absolutely not. She wasn't happy.

Photo: Mommy-Morgan day is fabulous
Morgan might get cross with me but we're still great pals no matter what. I'm so happy my children love me, flaws and all, and they forgive me for my shortcomings as a mom.

Tomorrow, William is going car shopping with me. I plan on test driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a VW Touareg, and a Volvo SUV. Then we're going to dinner with the family and eating cake, which William is baking. It'll be nice and low key and William and I will celebrate sans kids next weekend at a beautiful resort about an hour from home. I'll fill you in on all the details afterwards but I have a feeling that those of you in Utah should add it to your bucket list.

A few announcements:

1. On Thursday, Nov. 7 at 6PM ET, I have been invited to co-host the Cure Panel radio show when we talk about the benefits of yoga. I accepted the invitation and I'm really excited about it. If you'd like to tune in, all the details are here: http://curepanel.carefeed.net/event/rsvp/5/.

2. I just finished interviewing a law firm to help me with Part Deux of my divorce. I love this firm and I think I'm very close to making a decision. A big huge weight is almost off my shoulders. More details to come.

3. So I'm not sure how I type this one out so if this makes sense to no one but (potentially) one person, that's ok. Here goes: This afternoon, I got a voicemail from a very official sounding man who asked that I return his call. It was a San Diego phone number. I was sure this had to do with my divorce (and I suppose, indirectly, it is). But when I returned this guy's phone call, turns out he didn't call me and he didn't know who I was and I didn't know he was and we couldn't figure out the connection or what the heck was going on. And then we figured out our connection. So, to the person out there who wanted us to "talk", if you are reading this: We talked. But I have no idea why or what the heck is going on. So if there is a greater reason, can you let one of us know? Kinda awkward... though a pleasant exchange.

Happy Tuesday!