Thursday, March 3, 2016

Is Bald Really More Beautiful?

The first time I lost my hair thanks to a rigorous myeloma treatment protocol, I never went anywhere without wearing a wig. Even in private while at home, I at least wore a beanie cap and if anyone rang the doorbell, I ran and hid until I could get a wig on my head.

This tine around, I have less patience for wigs. I still wear them most of the time but sometimes if it's cold outside, I just wear a thick hat and never take it off. At home, I never wear a wig, just a beany cap because my scalp gets cold. We just flew to Florida and I wore a hat on the plane and a wig everywhere else. Contrast that with my first stint at baldness some four years ago, it was months of new hair growth before I just finally pitched the wig and went with short hair. By then, I had no choice-- my wig would fall right off my head because I had no bald scalp that kept it in place. This time around, I'm not waiting that long.

These days I have some hair on my head. I wrote an article on Myeloma Crowd ( called Myeloma 101: Going Bald During Treatment. One reader said that she lost her hair and bald is beautiful---- she goes out completely natural. Is she right? I decided to snap a couple selfies this morning. This is really brave and raw for me because I'm sharing it with you.



For me, I pick wig. I am not a bald girl. But in four weeks, we are going to Costa Rica and I have decided that by then, no wigs. I'll take a wig with me in case we want to snap some family photos, but other than that, I am going to enjoy feeling the wind on my head. I'll wear hats and be free. If my family can handle seeing the real, natural ME, then why should I care what a bunch of strangers think? Truth is, they'll likely not be thinking about me at all.

Happy Thursday, dear readers!