Friday, October 9, 2015

Can someone with cancer date & find love again?

My latest via Divorced Moms. Happy weekend, dear readers.


Dating With Cancer. Can The Chronically Ill Find New Love?

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October 09, 2015


When I first started dating after fleeing an abusive alcoholic husband in the wake of getting diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to do things right. If I was ever going to attempt dating again, I wanted to make sure I never ended up with a guy similar to my ex.
...But wait a minute. I wasn't exactly at the top of my game. I was sick. I was bald, even though I had great wigs and I looked healthy. I was still in the midst of treatment. In fact, in one of the texts that my estranged husband, Rob the Great (Alcoholic) sent me, he reminded me of the fact. "I'm a great guy! I'll have no problem finding another girlfriend in no time. You just don't appreciate me. You, on the other hand, will never find anyone as fabulous as me. You're a single mom living in your basement surviving on disability." He always had a way with words.  
Was he right? Could I date? What kind of guy would I attract? What information did I owe him about my illness? 
The more I thought about it, I didn't really care if I found another husband. I knew I would much rather be single than end up with a guy like Rob. But I was very curious as to what the dating scene for someone like me would look like.