Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In defense of a cuddle party?

This one needs know explanation, just a good read! My latest via Divorced Moms...

Who Is Up For A Co-Ed Cuddle Party, No (Sexy) Strings Attached?
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October 07, 2015

cuddle party.jpeg
I was scrolling through my Facebook feed a month ago when, inside a private group, someone mentioned their new-found obsession: the cuddle party. A group of adults gather at some random house for the purpose of cuddling up. 
Say what? I thought it was a big huge joke. It brought up all kinds of questions for me, like...
1. Is this a Mormon thing? Since the devout do not (or at least, should not) have sex before marriage, a group setting of snuggles keeps things relatively "safe."
2. What if a guy gets, well, aroused. Or gropes someone. Or... oh my head was beginning to spin.
3. What if I got hooked up with a guy (or woman) I didn't want to cuddle up with?
I mentioned some of my initial thoughts and did I get an earful from one woman!
"Maybe if everyone's life was as PERFECT as yours, Lizzy, we wouldn't need a cuddle party," she wrote.
I needed to stop her. "Hey, sweetie," I responded. "I could probably one-up you across the board on how my life was never perfect, and certainly isn't now." I was so angry. And then I thought, hey, I was passing judgement on her, too. Maybe the whole cuddle party had some validity to it?
I did some asking around in the group, did a little research, and actually found a friend of a friend ("Chloe") who has been to a few who was willing to talk about it. Here is what I learned...