Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Divorced Moms: How To Kill A Promising Relationship In 5 Easy Steps

Yesterday I hit up Bikram yoga. It was my first time back since last spring when it was still cold outside. Dang I've missed it. I felt so amazing, calm and healthy. For every drop of sweat that ran down my face, I envisioned the stress simply melting away. All my worries and annoyances exiting my body and soul. The Brick Canvas where Bikram yoga takes place is one of the most healing places I've ever been. William asked me yesterday where was my happy place? It didn't take me long to answer. And then I knew... I needed to get my butt to yoga. And so I did. I am so happy to be back.

As I write this, I am doing so while at a surgery center. William is getting his shoulder operated on. Since I have several hours to kill, what better place to write than right here-- in the waiting room with a TV blaring in my ear? Hey, it's cold outside and I stopped by Starbucks so no complaints. And writing is one of my favorite things to do anyway. Enjoy my latest on Divorced Moms. My stories are all real. Gotta love the dating trenches!

How To Kill A Promising Relationship In 5 Easy Steps
by Lizzy Smith                     
October 28, 2014
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Having been in the dating trenches for a few years now, I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly out there. Along the way, I've met some great guys who have become my friends. Add to that, since splitting with my husband, I re-established the male friendships I had pre-marriage. All together, I've ended up with a pretty decent plethora of males with whom I can bounce ideas off of when it comes to dating, relationships, and women. So the question of the day for my Male Dating Panel: How to kill a promising relationship?

I gave my "panel" this scenario: You've met a girl online and you've already had that first meet-up for coffee. She's attractive and seems to be fun. You asked her out again and now you've dated a few times. You like her and she obviously likes you (a lot). How can she ruin it? Here goes...

1. She is already too needy
"Ken" tells me of a woman he met for coffee. A few days later, they went out to dinner. After that, she started texting and calling him endlessly. When Ken didn't respond within an hour, she texted or called again asking him if he was mad at her or if there was something wrong. A few days of that and Ken stopped calling or texting her back. "I can't imagine being in a relationship with her. She was already annoying and we weren't even dating," Ken added.

Lesson: Texting or calling once is a nice gesture. Now sit back and wait for him to respond. If he doesn't, it'll tell you everything you need to know about his level of interest in you. If you keep reaching out to him despite his silence, you'll just become Annoying Woman. And it certainly won't make him want you more anyway.

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