Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fabulous ideas for the guy in your life for Divorced Moms

I am on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Long Beach for my friend Sheri's memorial service. She died last week from ovarian cancer. I am also going to spend time with the people I love beyond measure, my best friend Julie and family. Until then, I leave you with my latest post via Divorced Moms.

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8 Super Nice Things to Do For Your Guy (Without Breaking the Bank)
by Lizzy Smith for Divorced Moms                   
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June 08, 2016
635564941128223045Fotolia_48338788_XS.jpgWith Father’s Day fast approaching, here are ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the guy in your life.

Offer to entertain his kids while he has “guy time”

I am constantly amazed at how many women don’t like their guy to go out with his friends (or do anything without her). This is a really bad idea. Show your guy you trust him and recognize his need to do things he loves sans you. (Make sure before you offer to take care of his kids that you know them and that he—and their mother-- is comfortable with the idea.) There are plenty of cheap things to do with children—go for a hike, bake cookies or make dinner, rent a movie you all like and stay in, go to a local public swimming pool or lake. Have suggestions for the kids but ask them what they’d like to do so they get the final say.

Give him a massage or foot rub
You need not be a great masseuse but it doesn’t matter—it’s the thought and human (non-sexual) touch that matters. You can either make this romantic by lighting candles and putting on soft music or put on a good movie or sporting event while you give him a massage.

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