Sunday, November 1, 2015

Here's what I did on the day prior to my stem cell transplant for myeloma (make that SCT #3)

So tomorrow, I am starting my stem cell transplant. That means I am entering the hospital tomorrow for five glorious days while I receipt D-PACE-- high chemo. I get to come home on my birthday on Friday if all goes well. You know what is really twisted? Now that the decision is made to go this route, I'm relieved and let's rock and roll. I want to go to the hospital and rest. I am exhausted and burned out and maybe I'll get some peace, rest and solace there. And I'll buy cute wigs and start from Square One and get a re-set and enter a clinical trial at NIH or U-Penn when this is all done that involves Car-T Cell therapy that may be curative and I am rambling but there you have it.

So now that the inevitable is marching forward, what is a girl getting ready to go into the hospital to do? I could sit in a corner and cry. Or I could do nothing and lament. Or, since I'm feeling quite good, I could cross something off my bucket list. Go into this who stem cell transplant thing with a BANG. I got permission from my doctor, and I went SKYDIVING today. I was fearless. I jumped out of the plane first and didn't break a sweat. I wasn't nervous for one tiny second. And it was exhilarating and fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You want to check it out, click below. I highly recommend it.

And then I came home and packed up. Comfy cute clothes, a laptop, my trusty Vanity Fair magazine, and book Killing Jesus.

Wish me luck. Hard to tell I'm "that sick" from the video. But I have chosen to live without regret, fearlessly, with joy and happiness and full speed ahead.

Peace my friends, I will definitely keep you posted on the next leg of my Myeloma Journey.