Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On Mormon services and eye rolling when you can't argue facts

Recently a questioned was asked if a Mormon could affect change from within. Most answers were no, that anyone who dare challenge anything beyond correlated church materials would meet with total rejection by the general membership. In my experience, this is true. It's so disappointing.

On Sunday, I went off to Sunday School. First, I want to say that my Sunday School teacher rocks. She is perhaps one of the more respecting people when it comes to one asking tough questions. She does her best to thoughtfully give the church's stance mixed with her own. With that said, the topic of Priesthood came up. And I am SO TIRED of hearing someone say that men and women are equal but different, that men get the Priesthood and women get to create by having babies. I have no idea how anyone can make this claim without realizing its total absurdity. Last time I checked, men and women biologically create children together. While women do carry that seed for about nine months, in a perfect world, the rest of it is a partnership. And not all women have babies and having those babies is contingent on having a man somewhere. Priesthood can be held without a spouse. Just ask any young boy who gets the Priesthood in Mormonism. Second, the equivalent of Motherhood is Fatherhood. Priesthood is an entirely different thing altogether. I had to raise my hand and say this out loud. As I did, I looked over to see two women rolling their eyes while I spoke and giving each other "that look." I couldn't be silent. I stopped mid-sentence and said, "You ladies are so funny over there rolling your eyes," hahahaha. They stopped. Seriously, is this stupid, immature behavior or what.

I then went on to explain that no one, man or woman, should EVER be given spiritual dominion over another-- we are each responsible completely for our own choices, prayers, and answers to prayers. That each family also needed to decide who leads the family and who follows and that gender-specific leading creates all sorts of really warped consequences. And the potential for abuse is mind-bogging.

One of the eye rollers had to leave. But that didn't stop the other eye roller from finding another class attendee to do some more eye rolling with. I looked at her long enough for her to realize I was watching her. She smiled at me, I stayed stoic. How I had the strength to keep my mouth shut is truly a miracle. After our class was done and I was on my way out, I said to her again, "You are so funny!" She tried to give me a hug, I simply patted her arm.

So when you can't answer facts and it's not polite to call names (like one can do on Facebook using such really boring taunts like Feminist, Apostate, Anti, Man-hater), you make faces at each other. Or at least you do if you are a child. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that this is the behavior of adult women? Right, totally disturbing, rude, condescending. Well, you get it.

Enough rant.

So can a Mormon stand up for better ideals, behavior and necessary change? Only if you have a really thick skin because challenging ridiculous ideals that have no basis in doctrine doesn't sit so well in this culture. And that's the truth.