Sunday, May 1, 2016

I So Totally Deserve This Medal! Myeloma Lizzy Claws Her Way Through a 5k

Yesterday, I completed my first race post horrible stem cell transplant this past November and December for myeloma. It was a whopping 5k. I was Team Captain of the Salt Lake City Muscles for Myeloma Team and, together, we did the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festivals Half Marathon/5k. And, no, I was not able to run the whole thing-- I walked some, ran more. But I ran the finish line and as they were passing out medals, I almost didn't take one. After all, I used to run five miles per day and now I couldn't even run an entire three miles. But then it hit me-- I deserve that medal more than probably most people out there! I am a cancer thriver and I am clawing my way back to health and strength. I almost grabbed that medal from the guy-- "GIVE THAT TO ME!" I wanted to scream. I put it around my neck and took a photo.

I totally deserve this. And I'm going to do more races because... I like them. They are fun, high energy, inspiring and social. I'm a social girl. Getting stronger, one day at a time, one step at a time, whether I run it, walk it, or crawl it.

The night prior, I hosted dinner at my house for 50 people. It was my Team Salt Lake City. And some neighbors, family and friends. It was very fun. I got lots of donations from local businesses and everyone who showed up got a great door prize that ranged from dinners to car washes to Nike sweatshirts to a cool backpack stuffed with goodies from Harley Davidson.

But best of all, I got to reconnect and hang with some of my favorite Salt Lake City myeloma warriors. There's "Mindy" who got a stem cell transplant with cells donated from her twin. She relapsed after a year (it should have cured her!) but she's on a drug cocktail now that seems to put have put her back in remission. There is "Heather." And "Rob." And, of course, my partner in crime, my hero, Jenny Ahlstrom. They brought family and kids and it just rocked. Myeloma is HORRIBLE but I have met the most amazingly awesome people and friends-- friends for life-- united by this disease. We will OVERCOME. With these people by my side, I know we will!

Since Friday (the day of my dinner party) was Dex day, I had loads of energy. After everyone left, I was up until 4 in the morning, cleaning, re-organizing, doing laundry. My house has never looked so clean. Even the refrigerator is shiny and sparkly. My hubby came home from a men's retreat to -- a house that smelled and looked delicious. Of course I paid for it yesterday (Saturday). After the race, I went to my daughter's soccer game, did some shopping, went to the beautiful gardens with my parents at Thanksgiving Point to see the tulips...

and then... crashed. So very tired, I slept almost 11 straight hours.
Today is a new day. Church. Dinner with family. Celebrating life and enjoying it every day.
....Because life is normal, until it's not. So live BIG, live GRAND.
Peace and love,