Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Divorced Moms column: HELP- I'm So Tired! 11 Tips for Falling Asleep

I'm recovered from jet lag but (obviously) getting a good slumber is definitely on my brain. Hence my latest on Divorced Moms!

HELP- I'm So Tired! 11 Tips for Falling Asleep
by Lizzy Smith                    
June 30, 2014

I don’t know about you but this divorced mom can sometimes have an impossible time falling asleep. It’s usually because I’ve had a stressful day and my mind is working overtime. When that happens, relaxing enough to get real shut-eye is an exercise in futility. And as the clock ticks and I realize that my timeframe for sleeping is shrinking fast, I become more stressed out, which means that the chances of falling asleep become smaller and smaller. Inevitably, the next day, feeling sluggish and unable to focus, all I can do is drink one enormous cup of coffee after the next. Yuck.

Sleep deprivation is serious business. The consequences of not getting adequate rest include a whole host of health problems, like heart disease and diabetes. When we’re not sleeping at bedtime, we tend to get the munchies and have less energy to exercise the next day. It’s one reason we can gain weight. Plus our brains don’t function so well when we’re tired so we make poorer decisions, are crankier, and suffer from depression more often.

Sometimes I have bouts of insomnia and it sucks. I've been prescribed sleeping pills but I try not to ingest anything that I can avoid (trust me-- after all the chemo I've taken, the thought of dumping extra poisons into my body is really awful). So I've found 11 ways to combat insomnia that work.

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