Saturday, July 6, 2013

I found heaven (and it's in Corona)

On July 5, I found heaven in Corona, California. I spent the day with my BFF Julie, her sister Vicki, and friends Lisa and Cherise at Glen Ivy Hot Springs & Spa ( We left home at 8:00 AM and didn't get back until almost 9:30 PM. No kids, no stress, no problems. It was a lovely respite. Respite. I think that's my new favorite word. Rest. Relief. On Friday, that meant massage, mud baths, fresh spring water, sauna, fruify spa lunch, fruit smoothies, gossip magazines, lounge chairs, and girl talk. After we left, we stopped at one of my favorite places: Tom's Farms. We got dinner, fresh fruits and veggies, and sourdough bread.

Next week I get to hang out with my favorite twins: Joel and Cameron-- my friend Lisa's youngest children.

So far, I've had a few great health days. I'm still incredibly sore but fatigue has been minimal.

Julie, her mom and I were talking today about the moment I called her to tell her I had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I didn't even remember it but apparently Julie was at Knott's. She was strong on the phone, hung up and started sobbing. That brought back some awful memories of that time in my life-- a time when my entire world as I knew it ended. How many people came to me with prayers, words of support, shoulders to cry on, you name it. Everyone with one notable exception: my husband, Bob. From him, I got comments like: "You're a drama queen! You're a thief. You're a liar. You a loser and lazy-- you just don't want to work." Revolting, shocking, pathetic and disgusting. It's times like that that true colors show in stark, bold, vivid contrasts. I'm so lucky that I've only had one person like that in my life and I certainly expect it to be the last.

And so next week, I will continue doing that which is what is most important to me: healing, creating new memories, spending time with those I love the most, resting, laughing, and loving, and bonding. Cheers!