Tuesday, June 11, 2013

View from a boat

Our trip thus far has been fantastic and, overall, my health as held up. I did get another major cold and bladder infection. I had to go to the ship's medical doctor and get on antibiotics. It cleared my chest cold right up. Not sure if the bladder infection is cleared, though. I'll find out on Friday when I have my weekly labs visit. The joys of traveling when one has cancer.

But let's move on to the good stuff. In case you missed it, I brought the girls on a cruise to Northern Europe. On our way to Copenhagen, we had a brief stopover in Paris, then two days in Copenhagen, then the ship stopped in St Petersburg (Russia), Tallin (Estonia), Warwamunde (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), and Stockholm (Sweden). It's been fabulous. I'm actually still on the ship paying $20 to use the Internet for 20 minutes. Of the ports, my favorites have been:

1) St Petersburg. This is my second trip here and this city is magical. There is so much history and beauty that it is absolutely stunning. I love Catherine the Great. She is my hero (along with Elizabeth I and Coco Chanel). Seeing her palace and the Amber Room, as well as the amazing art collection she purchased during her reign that now sits in the Hermitage museum was awesome. Peter the Great was an incredible ruler. Crazy, but way ahead of his time. I love seeing the fruits of his labor. But I will say this: The reasons for the Bolshevic Revolution are obvious. The tsars lived well beyond any other royalty I've ever seen.

2) Tallin: What a jewel. Beautiful and incredibly historic. Please, I hope I can come back and stay a long time.

3) Stockholm: Gorgeous, beautiful, historic.

Every place has been nice but those are tops. I've met the most fascinating people on this cruise. Well traveled, highly educated, and interesting. It inspires me to learn more and travel more.

The girls have been incredible troopers. They've rarely complained. I think they've learned a lot, too. And they're having a ton of fun on the ship, meeting kids their age and, well, being kids.

Soon we will be heading home. It's a long flight but so well worth it. I am so grateful for every single day I have of life. Celebrating each moment is something I cherish. I haven't always, and I suppose this is one of the good things I've gotten out of this terrible, horrible disease. Fighting it is the most awful thing one can imagine but if there are positives, this is one of them.