Saturday, June 29, 2013

My own private Idaho

Therapeutic waters in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Kay and I took the girls to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. They have very therapeutic pools and baths from natural springs under the ground. Kay, who is in a wheelchair after losing her leg, was able to soak in the pools, the girls swam and did the waterslides, and I laid in the shade and rested. It was nice.

R&R and vitamin D in Idaho

The last time I was in Lava Hot Springs was in January. It was a very different experience. The town was nearly empty, we stayed in an old historic B&B, we got our own private mineral bath, we got massages and dined on yummy food. In the summer, it's lots of kids and families, those seeking alternative treatments, floating down the river, and lots of mountain bikers. Parts of Idaho are beautiful and it's not too far from Yellowstone, which is a big huge bonus. I can't say I'd ever want to live in Idaho but visiting is cool. I love exploring new places and I love taking the girls with me.

Later, we stumbled upon a snake on the side of the street. Snakes are one of my biggest fears (besides alcoholics and cancer) and seeing a small snake was both scary and oddly exciting. I'm not sure if that was an omen or not! I took lots of photos and Siena and I clung to each other while Kay and Morgan laughed at us. It was fun girl-bonding time.

We saw a SNAKE!!

Morgan and Siena were angels. Morgan helped get Kay's wheelchair in and out of the car and pushed her everywhere we went. Siena was our little Sherpa. I am really proud of these girls. They are growing up to be amazing people.

Because of a variety of reasons, I got my weekly Velcade injection three days early-- which meant I had just four days between injections. That has equaled side effects compounded to the max. Yesterday when I was driving, I nearly had to pull over and find the nearest hotel. I felt fuzzy, almost "drunk". I didn't think it was safe to be driving. I had delayed motor skills. The only way for those side effects to subside is to lie down, something I can't really do on a freeway. Fatigue doesn't adequately describe that feeling. Thank goodness I was able to get us safely to our destination. Today I feel much better, though I am weak.

One of the patients I am treated with, Steve, told me that maintenance therapy has a cumulative effect on our bodies, so as the year progresses, it can get harder and harder. Overall, I can't complain. Most days, I feel quite well. So if I have a day or two a week, or sometimes every few weeks, well, it can be a whole lot worse.


Our cat, Princess!

So ending on a happy note... Over Mother's Day weekend, our beloved cat, Princess, disappeared. She is the friendliest, sweetest, most affectionate cat with a Big Huge personality and we adore her. And, just like that, no Princess. We were heartbroken and worried because Princess is a strictly indoor cat and she has no front claws. We adopted her that way, as I would never declaw a cat. After two weeks, we threw everything away-- the litter box, litter, food, water/food dishes, her cat bed. Last Sunday she showed up at our back door- six weeks after she had gone missing! We were ecstatic, screaming for joy. She was filthy, emaciated and severely dehydrated. She couldn't walk straight and seemed very unaware of her surroundings. We rushed her to the pet ER and they gave her antibiotics and fluids. Long story short, here we are almost a week later and Princess is doing great! Her personality is back, she's eating and drinking normally, and she's gained a few pounds. The first two nights she was home, I thought I'd wake up in the morning and she'd be dead. That sweet defenseless cat somehow figured out how to keep herself alive and fend for herself for six weeks in Lord knows where doing Lord knows what. She went from 13 pounds to just over six but she's alive and well. She's a tough thing after all.