Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let's here from Rob directly (a mea culpa)

And here we hear from Rob directly. This email was sent to me and my parents.

From: Rob
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:26 AM
To: Lizzy, Keith, Jackie

Good morning Liz, Keith, and Jackie,
I hope in the near future, I can see you all so I can personally apologize to you for my actions.
I don’t know what the future brings, however I do know that my actions the last couple of weeks and at other times in the past, were not those of a good husband, partner, father, nor step son.
I now understand that you all identified major problems with the way I was trying to deal with the new news that was progressing, and like I tend to do, went to my unhealthy way to deal with it as I often do (not always) with stressful situations. I really did not know how to deal with the news as it was something you never think can happen to you. There was a lot running through my head and all I could not settle it. I will do better if allowed back to help.
What I’m trying to say is, although initially, I was not too happy about the decision that was made to leave with the kids, but now know it was the best decision. I know the move has been very impactive to all, including the kids, and I apologize as it was primarily based on my actions.
I know Liz, by contacting my work, and a lot of folks I know was only trying to help. I am taking serious steps on my side to get better, more than ever to ensure that in whatever next step I take in the future, they are good ones so the past negatives can fade away. There is no magic pill and it won’t be easy for me.
Keith and Jackie, we all need to get strong and by you taking Liz to Utah, it will help both of us to gain strength. As I started with, I really don’t know what the future brings, but know that both Liz and I are where we have to be at the moment to get strong one day at a time.
Please download the attachment and read both care notes. They both are reflective across any illness. They meant something to me when I read them, you may get something out of them as well.
Take care and have a great day, Thanks Rob